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New Opel Corsa puts the 'fun' back into driving


Opel Corsa
Distinctive contours, a mischievous grin and clever gadgetry inside and out, the new Corsa serves up something unique in its class – a great, sexy car to be seen in and a bunch of fun to drive!

Whether in the sporty three- or family-friendly five-door version, this fourth-generation Corsa has got a lot of personality of its own and still manages to offer drivers loads of room for individualisation for an exciting, personalised driving experience.

Strong, athletic lines make this car a real eye-catcher. The Corsa’s body is stretched tautly over its machinery like a tight shirt over a fit physique. The bold three-door definitely has an added sexy edge: its subtle contours, muscular shoulders and coupé-like roofline give it a distinctive, sporty look. This is a car that flexes its muscles: robust, fit, and energetic with a definite spring in its step –the kind of car you’d definitely want to go out in. The five-door version builds in a longer roofline and generous window surfaces that offer passengers extra headroom and visibility, a fun car for friends.

But it’s not all looks and no brains – the new Corsa delivers as much sportiness behind the wheel as it offers the eye. Clever engineering gives the car great agile handling, while steering precision worthy of a sports car, and a short-shift gear stick give it the extra vavavoom feeling that, with its superior breaking power, make for an all-round thrilling drive.


The new Corsa includes a whole host of clever and fun features. Take the ingenious Flex-Fix system: a cool integrated bike carrier that invisibly stows away into the rear bumper and can easily and quickly be pulled out to transport two bikes; or the double load DualFloor that allows the trunk floor to be raised to take the hassle out of loading or unloading heavy bulky items – perfect when carting home the cool drinks for a party! Or what about the nifty ‘cornering lights’ that can see around corners to assist night turning? That’s a fun feature that certainly won’t drive you round the bend!

And this without mentioning the hip interior styling with high-quality and sporty features, like the rounded, chrome circled air vents or the glowing translucent controls; funky colours, from cool chrome and blue to exciting red and black and piano lacquered surfaces; a panorama sunroof that lets in plenty of light, even when closed, and allows open-air driving at the touch of a button - with a wind deflector that effectively reduces wind noise, and a sliding blind that protects against direct sunlight; a heated steering wheel , lovely for those with cold hands, or the Quickheat system to remotely warm the passenger compartment, handy for chilly winter morning starts; and for those who really want more sporty feelings, a “Sport” version that features high-tech, variable progressive power steering, a sporty chassis setting and a close ratio gearbox.Look closely enough and you’ll even find a shark lurking somewhere in the glove box…

Fun and practical infotainment

A funky, fully integrated infotainment system will keep you bopping all drive long. The souped-up DVD 100 Navi system features a stereo CD-Radio with MP3-compatible 6-CD charger, seven speakers with 4 x 20 watts, a navigation system with DVD drive and colour info display, and remote controls on the steering wheel. But even the more basic CD 30 MP3 system comes in with a stereo CD-Radio with MP3-compatible CD player, five speakers with 4 x 20-watt and steering wheel remote controls. All systems can accommodate a mobile phone console with a Bluetooth TM interface and voice control which means your docked phone is fully networked with the system and can be operated via the remote controls on the steering wheel.

Individualisation at the touch of a button

Just click on the remote to open the door and the clever Corsa recognises who’ll be taking the wheel – pretty handy when the same car is being used by several people, typical of today’s young urban lifestyle. The car automatically retrieves the driver’s individual settings stored in the key. The driver can just hop in and drive away with their favourite radio station, climate control and on-board electronics setting already adjusted. Five different drivers of a single car can personalise their settings, each with their own key.

This is a car that packs a lot of attitude into a small frame. “We wanted to be daring with the new Corsa”, said Niels Loeb, Chief Designer of the new Corsa, “especially when thinking about our striking new coupéesque three-door model. We wanted to give the driver a lasting sense of the feel-good factor. Look at its face – bright eyes and a cheeky grin – the car’s unique both inside and out.” Loeb certainly rose to the challenge.

“The fashion-conscious exterior and refreshingly innovative interior will undoubtedly exceed drivers’ expectations of a small car” said Alain Visser, Executive Director, European Marketing, Opel/Vauxhall. “This car has got fun in bucketfuls. Excellent driving dynamics, perfect handling and powerful brakes bring an incredible amount of excitement. And it also comes with the highest level of passive safety with a top 5 star NCAP rating.”

The fourth generation of Opel’s popular model, which has sold more than 9.4 million units alone in Europe since 1982, will be available at dealerships from October 2006.

Some funky, fun features available in the new Corsa:
  • Agile handling

  • Glowing translucent switches and controls

  • Extra door storage with enough room for a 1.5 litre water bottle. Additional superior level door tray for mobile phones and other small essential items

  • Shorter, sporty-feeling gear shift

  • Wide range of interior motifs in corresponding colours, materials and décor, including piano lacquer finished surfaces

  • Flex-Fix bike carrier

  • Heated steering wheel

  • MP3 compatible fully integrated music and information system

  • Run Flat tyres

  • Cornering lights – funky lights that can see around corners improving visibility while cornering

  • Electronically controlled personal settings

  • Mobile phone with voice control and Bluetooth connection

  • Hidden Shark graphic on hinge of glove compartment

New Opel Corsa puts the 'fun' back into driving
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