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Opel Corsa Small Car Coming To US As A Saturn, GM's Lutz Says


Opel Corsa
Maximum Bob Lutz was at it again last week, this time telling journalists at the Paris motor show that the Opel Corsa is coming to the U.S., and it would be rebadged as a Saturn.

In an interview with Automotive News, Lutz, GM’s global product chief, made it clear that he believes U.S. attitudes towards small cars had shifted and Corsa, which was just redesigned for European markets, is a vehicle that can now work stateside.

Corsa would be a natural to compete with the likes of the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris, two of several small cars that have recently debuted in the U.S.

One problem does remain, however, and that’s where to build it. Building and shipping the cars from Europe would be tough for GM due to currency issues and the small margins a car like Corsa would bring. The U.S. Corsa would likely have to be produced somewhere in the western hemisphere to make it profitable. Lutz said GM would like to produce 80-to-100,000 units annually.

Because of that, any Saturn-badged Corsa is likely multiple years away, not great timing considering the spate of small vehicle offerings already available in the U.S. GM does have one small car, the Korean-built and recently redesigned Chevy Aveo, in its lineup.

Lutz was busy at Paris, also saying at the opening of a Hummer dealership there that Hummer needed more models as well as all but confirming to Australian journalists that the Holden Commodore was coming to the U.S. as a Pontiac.

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Opel Corsa Small Car Coming To US As A Saturn, GM's Lutz Says
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