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Stage One Launch New Opel/Vauxhall Corsa Range In Style

One of Europe's leading scenic contractors, Stage One headed to the mountains and glided into action recently, completing the transformation of Salzburg Airport’s winter skiing terminal into an auditorium and exhibition area for the pan-European dealer and fleet launch of the new Opel/Vauxhall Corsa.

Working together with experiential communications agency PCI Fitch, who were responsible for the overall launch campaign, Stage One handled all of the motion engineering and the construction of the set and staging, which included a revolve, auditorium, stage area, exhibition area and graphics.

Stage One's Ted Featonby commented: “This project provided us with the opportunity to showcase our wide ranging capabilities as a whole range of the skills we can provide, from carpentry and graphics production through to engineering, were put to excellent use.”

Stage One masked the interior of the terminal building with 6.5m flats to create an enclosed environment, and built an unusually designed seating block for the auditorium consisting of 62 semi-circular, four-person seating booths, finished off with a very high-spec gloss paint finish and lime green leatherette seating. Each booth was computer enabled and contained a desk unit with touch screen monitor and was finished off with a printed soft fabric skirt to the base and a high gloss top and monitor cowl.

From these booths, the audience took part in a number of interactive games as part of the main Corsa communications taking place on stage, which was built to resemble a live film set complete with moving scenery, actors and of course, cars! For this performance area, Stage One built six, 5.5m x 2.5m sliding gauze panels to the front, a roller-shutter door to each side and a 14m car revolve behind - all controlled by the Company’s superb motion control system, Q-MotionTM, which replicates a pre-planned sequence of movements time after time.

The sliding panels pulled back to expose the revolve which in turn rotated to reveal the car plinth and four surrounding dancers podiums, all in the shape of CD’s. Continuing that theme a 14m x 6m shimmer disc backdrop with the Corsa logo was installed behind the car and CD curtains hung either side A huge star cloth then acted as a backdrop opening to reveal the exhibition area.

Finally, rows of felt flat walling separated the reception foyer, auditorium, reveal area and large exhibition area, which was accessed by passing through the CD curtains and where, amongst a selection of new Opel Corsa’s on show, Stage One constructed five catering stations and five unusual 5.5m high totems, each made up of five interconnecting graphic panels.


Stage One Launch New Opel/Vauxhall Corsa Range In Style
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